Pro Protection Detail | from £175 | 1 day

This entry level detailing service provides a thorough clean and decontamination of your vehicle, from paint to glass and wheels. This includes a systematic two-stage tar and iron fall-out removal of the whole vehicle and deep cleans the exterior so you can see your vehicle exactly as it stands. This service includes a lite ceramic coating for the paint and wheels, leaving behind a light protective barrier to help reduce future issues, and will make cleaning much easier going forwards.

Pro Enhancement Detail | from £250 | 1.5 days

The Lite Detail starts off as above with the detail clean, but then starts actively repairing damage to the paint by a single-stage machine polish using a fine finishing polish and soft polishing pad. This single stage mop will result in a remarkable improvement to the gloss and glassiness of the paint finish, improving the depth and lustre of the paintwork. This is also the starting point for a ceramic treatment, as any issues will be sealed in by the ceramic treatment, so must be removed first.

Pro Minor Paint Correction Detail | from £320-£560 | 2-4 days

The Pro Detail starts off as above with the Lite Detail, but now involves a two-stage machine polish using a medium cutting stage which removes all but the very deepest defects in the paint finish, before the second polishing stage takes place. This two-stage cut and polish restores many cars back to their new condition - and in the case of newer cars even better. On new or nearly-new cars the Pro Detail will bring the paint up to an outstanding finish, and is the ideal start for a full ceramic treatment, helping to keep your new car looking outstanding.

Pro Major Paint Correction Detail | from £480-£700 | 3-5 days

The major paint correction detail involves a 3-4 stage machine polish which can involve a heavy compounding stage, medium compounding stage, fine finishing stage and an ultra fine finishing stage. This service is generally suited for vehicles with harder types of paintwork with heavy defects and for the owner looking to restore a car to a true concourse level of paint finish. course for the owner who wants to go that one step further, than the minor paint correction detail. A 3-4 stage machine polish will yield results which will leave you speechless with the level of clarity, shine and glassiness, and is guaranteed to remove all paint damage except that which has gone all the way through the lacquer/top coat.