What we do

I get quite a few questions from people who haven't had their car detailed before about what the differences between detailing and valeting are. Whilst I offer both services, what most people mean by this question is 'why are you more expensive than the garage down the road?'

The answer to this is both simple and complex; put simply it's time, care and expertise. More comprehensively, the answer is that I will treat your car or bike as if it's my own. I will only use chemicals and equipment that I have tried before on my own vehicles, and am satisfied will give the best finishes possible and will not damage your vehicle in any way.

What many people don't realise is that most of the damage to paintwork occurs when it is being cleaned. If the wash mitt isn't thoroughly clean you will simply transfer dirt from one vehicle to the next, this will then be ground in to the paint and is what results in the swirl marks you see on most cars. I will only ever use the cloths, mitts or anything else which contacts the vehicle that has been comprehensively cleaned between uses - we're trying to make your car look better, not worse.

I will only take one job on at a time, and even the most basic clean will take well over an hour - there simply isn't a way to safely and thoroughly clean a car in any less time than this. I always snow-foam the vehicle to start with, this thick foam dwells for a few minutes soaking and starting to lift dirt off the surfaces before slowly dripping off taking the larger bits of dirt and grit with it without any pressure or scrubbing. I always use the 'two bucket' method with grit guards, which means that the mitt is rinsed in a bucket of clean water before it next contacts your paintwork every single time. I never use sponges which tend to keep grit near the paint, but rather a lambswool or microfibre mitt which has long strands which cling on to the grit without dragging it along the surface of the paint.

The chemicals and treatments I use are from some of the largest and most experienced companies in the detailing business, which means they have been extensively researched and developed specifically for use in automotive detailing; these include Rupez, GTechniq, CarPro and Auto Finesse amongst others.

If you have any questions about what I use, whether this be equipment, chemicals or anything else please get in contact and I'll be happy to discuss these with you. You'll also find some videos in the gallery section which show before and after shots of the types of damage cause by incorrect washing techniques, and how I have fixed these with detailing.